Mrs. Prior is Hubbard's Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Prior is Hubbard's Teacher of the Year!
Posted on 08/15/2021
Michele Prior is Hubbard's Teacher of the Year

Michele joined our Hubbard School family in 2012 as a combined remedial math and special education  teacher. From 2012-2018 she also taught Berlin’s preschool and elementary children in the  summer ESY BLAST programs. As of 2015, Mrs. Prior has served our school community as a full-time special education teacher. Michele brings exceptional talent, commitment, and energy  to her job each and every day. She functions as one of the cornerstones of our PPS department  and can be counted on to provide the very best for students under any and all circumstances.  Mrs. Prior is an advocate for her students’ needs while balancing and navigating collaborative  work and planning with the full array of styles, personalities, and philosophies of classroom and  support staff colleagues. Michele presents as an ongoing resource for staff regarding support and  programming for our most at-risk learners. Her resilience, reliability, and flexibility when  addressing a myriad of presenting issues/challenges are noteworthy. No better example of this  can be captured than in her PPS work and leadership at the onset of this school year. Given the  absence of key staff members, Michele anchored the coordination, organization, planning, and  implementation of K-5 special education student services for the range of live, remote,  synchronous, and asynchronous learning modalities within the overarching context of a  pandemic. Her unwavering commitment to get the job done and relentless pledge to her  students’ and families’ academic and emotional well-being fueled the consistency, continuity,  and quality of special education supports and experiences offered at Hubbard. 

Mrs. Prior received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford and her master’s  degree from the University of St. Joseph. As a contributing professional Michele serves on the district math vertical team, as well as, the district special education reading and math vertical  teams. She is a TEAM mentor and a member of Hubbard’s general and special education IDTs,  SRBI team, as well as, School Safety, Security, and Climate Committee. Michele has engaged in  summer curriculum writing and also served on the Instructional Rounds Team, Hubbard Social  Committee, and various interview committees. She has taught after-school enrichment and offered her time concerning a number of school events and fundraisers including the pasta  supper, school carnival and field day committee. 

Congratulations Michele! The Hubbard family of educators acknowledges and applauds your  dedication to the students, staff, and families of our school community. We are proud to have  such a wonderful person and professional as our 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year!