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...inspiring all
students to achieve
their maximum

The mission of Richard D. Hubbard School is to educate for excellence in a safe and nurturing atmosphere, cultivating a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values through high-quality instructional practice and increased expectations, inspiring all students to achieve their maximum potential. Students emerge as respectful, productive members of the community with an enduring understanding of 21st century skills and learning as a lifelong process.

Richard D. Hubbard School will attain its mission by:

  • Believing all children can learn, all children can achieve, and utilizing that philosophy as the foundation for all educational dialogue, decisions, and recommendations.

  • Promoting high standards and excellence in academic, social, civic, physical, artistic, and technological endeavors.

  • Offering a common, standards-based educational program defined by rigorous performance standards and 21st century skills.

  • Delivering instruction that is differentiated to meet the learning needs of all students and reflects a commitment to developing learners as problem solvers, risk takers, and critical thinkers.

  • Providing a variety of relevant, hands-on, inquiry-based opportunities that expose students to a range of community and real-world experiences in the 21st century.

  • Employing the concept of continuous improvement concerning professional development and improving achievement and programs by analyzing, reporting, and using student performance data.

  • Selecting and retaining high quality staff who exhibit professional, responsible, respectful, collaborative practice through words and actions.

  • Affording students opportunities and experiences that foster respect and appreciation of the diverse spectrum of interests, attitudes, beliefs and cultures represented in our school community and beyond.

  • Inviting families to serve as partners in their children's education through opportunities that support learning and promote strong educational values.

  • Understanding those particular aspects of the school climate and community that contribute to the uniqueness of Richard D. Hubbard School.

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Richard D. Hubbard Elementary School


139 Grove Street
East Berlin, CT 06023


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M-F: 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.