Grade 5

Welcome to Grade 5! The final year of elementary school is both memorable and challenging as students have a variety of opportunities to increase their levels of independence and responsibility. In Reading Workshop, students read a variety of genres as they aim to improve stamina and reading comprehension. They explore topics to enhance their understanding of real-world concepts and issues. In Writing Workshop, students use the writing process to plan, create, and publish a variety of narrative, persuasive, and informational essays. Writing stamina is also a primary focus for students as they use Chromebooks to support research collection, typing skills, and written output. In Math, students interact with a variety of math topics and heavily focus on fractions and decimals. Students are expected to use multiple strategies to find solutions to problems. The science curriculum provides students many opportunities to use the scientific method as they interact with principles of energy, sounds, light, and phases of the moon. In Social Studies, students look deeper into how geography, economics, and religion affect a community or society. Teachers work diligently with students throughout the year to support individual learning needs and empower students with the necessary strategies to ensure a successful and positive middle school transition.



Type Scoutkeyboarding practice (username and password required)


Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids- document listing and describing various interactive math resources

XtraMath - math fact practice (username/password required)


Library Home Page- teacher/student links listed 

Library Catalog (Destiny)- online access to Hubbard School catalog 

Grolieronline encyclopedia for student research

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Mallory Brochu

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