Grade 2

Welcome to Grade 2! Your child continues to build on experiences from Kindergarten and Grade 1. As students more easily decode text, they continue to work on fluency and expression during oral reading. Additionally, students focus on comprehension of stories as they explore them from different perspectives and connected to various genres. Students also write for different purposes as they continue to choose topics in our writing workshop. Second graders make sense of math as they count coins, learn about shapes, and explore place value. The children also explore various aspects of science as they study matter, nutrition, soil, and plants. In Social Studies, students explore current events through the use of Scholastic News. Additional topics include friendship, cooperation, and citizenship. It is an exciting year of learning together!



Free Rice - practice fact fluency and vocabulary, and feed the hungry of the world as you work

Google Classroom - Link to your Berlin Google Account (password required)

PebbleGo - readings, videos, and pictures on various nonfiction topics (username and password required)

R-A-Z Kids - Reading A-Z Literacy (password required) For use in school and at home. (For directions to RAZ Kids, please click here.)

Typing Club - Keyboarding Practice (password required)


DreamBox- a program used for math skill practice

Free Rice - practice fact fluency and vocabulary, and feed the hungry of the world as you work

Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids- document listing and describing various interactive math resources

IXL Math - practice different skills with feedback for students and teachers

Prodigy Game- A role-playing adventure that uses math to power your spells (your parents will have to create the account for you.)

XtraMath - math fact practice (username/password required)


Library Home Page- teacher/student links listed 

Library Catalog (Destiny)- online access to Hubbard School catalog for Hlavac - coding program for Grade 2

Image of Mrs. Fusco Image of Ms. Hlavac

Holly Fusco

Cheryl Hlavac